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January 18, 2019

Washrooms at ArtStarts are now Gender-Neutral

Exciting news! Our washrooms at ArtStarts are now gender-neutral!   What does this mean? The washrooms at ArtStarts are no longer separated into “men’s” and “women’s.” Yay! We now have: One washroom with multiple stalls – it has a purple door! One washroom with a single stall, a urinal, and an outside door that locks – the door is green!


December 05, 2018

Culture & Connection: Recap of Artist-in-Residence Tin Gamboa

Last month we welcomed our very first artist-in-residence to the ArtStarts Gallery as an engaging addition to our current exhibition, Movement is for Every Body. We asked Tin Gamboa to share about her experience, the project she developed while in residence at ArtStarts, and where we can find more of her work in the future.


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