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April 28, 2022

ArtStarts Ignites Artist-in-Residence Spotlight: Paige Smith

Paige Smith project Marine Traffic of Burrard Inlet

Last year we launched the inaugural intake for the Ignites Artist-in-Residence program to provide three artists the support and resources they need to develop their art practice and personal projects. Earlier this year, Paige Smith participated in the residency to work on her photography project, Marine Traffic of Burrard Inlet. We checked in with her to reflect on her time during the residency and to learn more about her upcoming projects.


April 21, 2022

Karima Essa Bollywood Dance Workshop ArtStarts

Karima Essa ArtStarts at River Market poster

How can dance help improve diverse learners’ socio-emotional skills? Karima Essa is a professional performing artist exploring this question through her arts practise. Using Bollywood dance and body positivity, Karima Essa teaches young audiences that all bodies can participate in movement through her workshops.


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