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Our Community of Supporters

ArtStarts in Schools gratefully acknowledges our community of supporters, including individuals, corporate sponsors, foundations and govenment funders who help to ensure that art is an essential part of educating our young people. #artisessential

Your generous support ensures the deliverly of meaningful arts-based programs throughout the province.

Did you know that arts integrated learning helps young people open doors to new ways of seeing the world, new ways of thinking, and new ways of learning. 

Feeling inspired? Learn how you can get involved.

A group of logos representing ArtStarts government supporters include Canada Council of the Arts, BC Arts Council, Province of B

Government supporters

BC Community Gaming Grants
British Columbia Arts Council
Canada Council for the Arts
City of Vancouver
Department of Canadian Heritage
Government of British Columbia
Government of Canada
A group of logos representing ArtStarts institutional supporters include RBC, SVP Vancouver. Telus Storyhive, Columbia Basin Tru

Sponsors, Foundations, & Institutions

BC Social Venture Partners Foundation
British Columbia Arts Council
Cherniavsky Junior Club for the Performing Arts Society
Columbia Basin Trust through the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance
The Edith Lando Charitable Foundation
Prospera Foundation
RBC Foundation
Vancouver Foundation


Lisa Aalto
Larry Achtemichuk
Aliyah Amarshi
Emily Beam
Mairy Beam
Juliana Bedoya
Nicole Bertram
Mary Blais
Avalon Bourne
Monica Brammer
Stina Brown
Aslam Bulbulia
Hubert Chan
Orane Cheung
Sharon Connelly
Fraser and Shadi Crowley
Daniel Duggan
Sarah Ellis
Sara Faherty
Tom Fijal
Lynda Gerty
Patti Gudewill
Benjamin Haggith
Lyndsay Hobbs
Sharon Jeroski
Kung Jaadee Kennedy
Ishrat Khan
Bronia Kingsbury
Gina Lam
Alan Litke
Mia Lok
The Louis Family
Kevin Ly
Tejas Madhur
Colleen McKenna
Amyn Nathoo
Valerie Neilson
Amelie Thuy Nguyen on behalf of Ahn and Chi
Robert Oldfield
Jamie Oliviero
Lucille Pacey
Tina Parbhakar
Passion Fruit Partners
Josh Paterson
Rekha Pavanantharajah
Leighann Rodger
Evelyn Schofield
Leslie Shieh
Faina Sichon
Mala Srivatsa
Strategic Capability Network
Richard Tam
Winnie Tam
Jacqueline Tavares
David van Berckel
Kiki van der Heiden
Thara Vayali
Lucie Wallace
Gary Wang
Edwin Yau

In Kind

Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
Deloitte Inc. River Market at Westminster Quay
Vancouver Civic Theatres