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2024 Accessibility Update

The ArtStarts Gallery is currently closed due to ongoing renovations and will reopen in Fall 2024. 

While we must pause the gallery's operations for the time being, this closure is vital for accessibility upgrades and our organization's next steps in serving young people in the arts. During the closure, ArtStarts will be investing in installing new accessibility features that will significantly improve the experience for all visitors. We are particularly excited to introduce an accessible washroom and an elevator to the 2nd floor, so all young people can fully engage with ArtStarts.


Accessibility in the Space

Updated as of March 2024
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Currently, only the main floor of ArtStarts is wheelchair-accessible. Our key operated lift is out of order until further notice. The front door does not have an automatic door opener — you may need to ask for support opening the door. The front desk person will be happy to assist you! The Cherniavsky Boardroom, ArtStarts Lab, and gender-neutral washrooms are located on the Mezzanine level and are only accessible by stairs.

Please note that at ArtStarts we strive to provide a scent-free environment. Please do not wear heavily scented perfumes or other smells to your workshop at ArtStarts. Please provide this information to all participants who will be attending.

Wheelchair access:

  • Front door: 3 feet width (single), 6 feet full width, 1/2 inch door sill, no automatic door opener
  • Our lift is currently out of order until further notice. We are working diligently to replace our lift as soon as possible and appreciate your patience. 

Washroom info:

  • Two non-gendered washrooms, wheelchair button to open the green door washroom only
  • All wheelchair accessible washroom stalls have a handrail
  • Sanitary disposal available in all stalls
  • 6 feet clearance in front of sinks
  • Non-scented soap, sharps disposal, and changing tables in washrooms