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ArtStarts Showcase

ArtStarts Showcase will take place during the week of April 30th - May 5th, at Performance Works (1218 Cartwright Street) in Vancouver BC.

In 2022 we introduced a new format, piloting workshops in addition to our performance offerings.

If you are an educator, arts or school administrator looking to bring impactful and engaging arts experiences to young audiences for the 2024/25 school year, visit our Artist Directory

Click here for the Showcase 2024 Community Safety Guidelines

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  • Showcase is a meeting of community arts advocates, which is very important for my understanding and our district's focus on culture, creativity and education. Showcase Delegate
  • I always leave feeling inspired. I love connecting with like-minded colleagues from around the province. Showcase Delegate
  • It is wonderful to have a structure that allows the connection between artists and school district representatives to enhance arts understandings in the school. Showcase Delegate
  • Showcase helps me feel connected to the greater arts community. Showcase Delegate
  • Showcase is a perfect opportunity to discover diverse performers and allows us to cater to the individual needs of schools and community. Showcase Delegate
  • Ensuring that there are high quality performance arts groups available to provide enrichment opportunities for students is absolutely vital to the health of our education system. Showcase Delegate
  • It is incredible to have the opportunity to see and meet the performing artists. Showcase Delegate
  • Showcases were diverse, culturally represented, creative and energetic. It was a venue for rich conversations to take place. Showcase Delegate
  • I found the showcases re-energizing in that my own creative process received a kickstart and I had a million ideas racing through my mind. Showcase Delegate
  • I loved learning from others who share the same passion for championing the arts, from class to district level. Showcase Delegate
Two people performing on stage

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing students with relevant and impactful arts-based experiences in their schools and consider intentional representation of marginalized artists an important part of this commitment. In order to increase representation, we are seeking to prioritize Showcase applications from these under-represented groups:

  • Artists of colour, especially Indigenous and Black women
  • Artists who identify as LGBT2QIA+, especially LGBT2QIA+ artists of colour
  • Artists living with a visible or invisible disability, especially disabled artists of colour
A group of children dancing onstage with an adult

Showcase 2019 Video Highlights

Did you miss this year's showcase? Perhaps you want to revisit some of the inspiring performances. Find highlights of all the Showcase 2019 performances on our Vimeo channel.


BC Arts Council and the Government of British Columbia are committed to ensuring that all British Columbians are able to participate in a healthy arts and cultural community recognized for its excellence. Through this provincial financial support, the arts and cultural community will continue to achieve its creative, social and economic success.
Canada Council for the Arts offers a broad range of grants and services to professional Canadian artists and arts organizations in music, theatre, writing and publishing, visual arts, dance, media arts and integrated (multidisciplinary) arts. It also seeks to raise public awareness of the arts through its communications, research and arts promotion activities.
The City of Vancouver appreciates the value that the arts brings to the lives of citizens and the life of the city. They support non-profit arts and cultural organizations through a variety of grant programs.
ArtStarts would like to acknowledge the City of Vancouver, through Vancouver Civic Theatres for their support of Showcase.