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Artist Directories

Bring your performance, workshop or project to schools and districts across the province.

ArtStarts maintains two directories of talented artists who have experience performing for, or working with, students in Kindergarten to Grade 12.


Apply to Join the Artist on Tour Directory

Are you a professional performing artist and want to tour BC schools with your incredible show for young audiences? We invite performing artists from all disciplines—theatre, music, dance, storytelling, interdisciplinary and more—to apply to perform at our annual ArtStarts Showcase and be positioned to tour BC schools in the next school year.

Artists accepted to perform at the ArtStarts Showcase will also be listed in the Artists on Tour Directory. Schools and districts across the province use this directory to book performances through ArtStarts' Booking and Touring service.

What are the steps to join the Artists on Tour Directory?

1. Have an engaging touring performance/workshop ready to present to school audiences

2. Apply and be accepted to the ArtStarts Showcase

3. Subscribe to the roster and be listed to tour BC schools

Apply to Join the Artists in the Classroom Directory

We invite teaching artists working in a variety of disciplines who are interested in working on projects with young people in a classroom setting to apply for the Artists in the Classroom Directory.

Check out the Artists in the Classroom Directory, a resource for educators, arts/community presenters, and cultural programmers interested in collaborating with an artist to create memorable learning experiences for their students.