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ArtStarts Showcase Application

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The ArtStarts Showcase is a 2-day conference-style event taking place on April 5 and 6, 2023. Showcase highlights new opportunities for school and community arts programmers invested in booking artist performances, workshops and residencies for young audiences.


  • In the past, Showcase has been solely reserved as an opportunity for performing artists to highlight their touring performances. ArtStarts not only works with artists from various disciplines but also those who share their artistic practices via modalities outside of performances. We have decided to alter our application process, and it will no longer be a requirement for artists to be selected for our annual Showcase in order to join the ArtStarts roster. Artists can now apply to be on the ArtStarts Artist Directory without showcasing. The purpose of this change is to make it easier for new artists to join our ArtStarts community as well as leave more opportunity for our current artists to participate in Showcase. The changes also align with our recent directory amalgamation. Visit our Artist Directories page to learn more and to see our format definitions. 

Eligibility requirements 

Applicants must be performing or teaching artists interested in bringing their workshop or classroom residency practice to youth K-12 and: 

  • Residents of Canada
  • Available to present Showcase dates in Vancouver, BC.
  • Available to work in BC schools in the 2023-24 school year  
  • Able to complete the Criminal Record Check process via ArtStarts
  • Aligned with ArtStarts Anti-Oppression Guidelines 

Please be sure to review our Showcase guidelines prior to submitting your application. 

How to Apply 

If you’re new to ArtStarts and interested in applying for Showcase with a workshop or classroom residency, you can apply using the New Artist Directory Application here. Please note that new artists must apply for the directory to receive access to the Showcase application - new artists cannot apply solely for Showcase. 

If you’re a returning ArtStarts artist, please complete the Showcase 2023 application available here.

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Showcase Application


performances booked in 200 communities across British Columbia.

Showcase Application Guidelines

Find details on eligibility, criteria, applications & more

Anti-Oppression Guidelines

Our commitment to representation & cultural safety

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