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Zaffi Green

Discipline: Interdisciplinary, Theatre, Visual Arts, Writing
Homebase: Gibsons
Languages: English
Contact Me: (604) 349-9377 , Email

Zaffi is a writer, artist and teacher working in multiple art forms. She featured as a performance poet in many festivals, reading series and benefit concerts throughout Canada and the US, fusing her words with music, visual art, video, and movement. For more than a decade she's focused on a prose project based on extensive research and travel throughout Greece and Turkey. Zaffi also creates unique three-dimensional art pieces through decoupage, using natural materials and hand-made papers from Nepal. She shares her love of all things creative through arts-based programming for all ages.


Zaffi Green has acted as an art instructor at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery, beginning in the Summer of 2017, and continuing throughout Spring Break 2018. She led classes for us in a variety of creative disciplines, including collage, paper toy making, and stand-up comedy. Her creative and original approach to art programming has been a great addition to our gallery's class offerings. Zaffi designed her own course curriculums, sourced and prepared all equipment and materials, helped the gallery attract students, conducted all in-class instruction, including setup and cleanup. Her classes have received positive feedback from parents and participants, with particular praise about the supportive learning environment she creates. The artworks created by students are impressive displays. The gallery appreciates Zaffi's willingness to adapt class content and scheduling around the needs of students. Stewart Stinson, President, Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Gibsons, BC
Zaffi was responsible for delivering theatre workshops to students attending local public elementary schools with a high population of low-income families. Workshops were 90 minutes in length and took place both in-school as one-time workshops and after-school as a set of six consecutive workshops. Zaffi's degree in education and her expertise in theatre arts were valuable assets to our program. She is a dynamic teacher who sets high standards for her students while also encouraging them to take risks in a supportive and caring classroom environment. I had the pleasure of observing Zaffi teach and assist theatre workshops. As an instructor she took charge easily, engaging the students in a variety of creative activities. As an assistant she worked collaboratively alongside the instructor, supporting both the teacher and individual students as needed. While under contract with artsREACH, Zaffi initiated meetings with other theatre instructors to develop a common curriculum for our theatre workshops. Her passion for fine arts education was most evident throughout these discussions. I highly recommend Zaffi as an excellent theatre teacher. Maureen Weston, former President, OCTA Collective Society, artsREACH programs, Victoria, BC
Throughout the 3 weeks of the Summer School Program Zaffi taught a Shakespearean drama course to students in grades 4-7. It was evident from the enthusiasm and eagerness ... that the students thoroughly enjoyed her class. Zaffi was consistently punctual, organized and appeared to deliver a series of fun engaging lessons. Of particular note, Zaffi was able to develop a strong, intuitive knowledge about each of her students; in a summer school program comprised of not only many highly gifted children, but also children with many different social and emotional needs, this was a very valuable skill that led to the success of her program. Parents were extremely appreciative, spoke very highly of her and the program and packed the auditorium on performance days. I believe Zaffi has a unique blend of talents, knowledge and experiences that allow her to create a good rapport with students and parents, build allegiances with her peers, and gain the respect of her entire learning community. Rosie Finch, Principal, Gifted Summer School Program, Mackenzie E.S., Vancouver School Board

Project Examples

Introduction to Improv and Comedy

Explore the foundational skills and concepts of improvisational theatre through games, exercises, creative challenges, demonstrations, discussion, writing and research. Form-structures include sketch comedy (group), character monologues/dialogues (individual/partners) and stand-up (individual). It's all about using your voice, face, body and your noggin' to bring out the funny in any situation, and, ultimately, making everyone look good. In the process, students learn how to tune-in to themselves and each other, developing life skills such as self-awareness, concentration, listening, spontaneity, risk-taking, creative thinking, critical analysis, and collaboration. Subjects: English Language Arts, Dramatic Arts. Social Studies. Primary, Intermediate and Senior.

Introduction to Shakespeare

Students combine two or more Shakespearean plays to create a mash-up of the stories, a la "Into The Woods", performed in the original language, or translated into modern English. The focus is on critical analysis of themes and issues, problem-finding and problem-solving, creative design, and developing flexibility and expression through voice and movement. Subjects: English Language Arts, Arts (Drama, Dance, Music, Visual), Applied Design (Media), and Social Studies. Intermediate and Senior.

Introduction to Storytelling Theatre

Students work collaboratively in small groups to re-interpret and translate a fable or fairy tale into another genre, e.g. comedy, musical, sci-fi, etc. This is an in-depth and dynamic exploration of story elements, structure, themes and issues, characterization, composition, and performance. Students are immersed in creative processes, using story maps to plan and examine, simple props for role play, verbal and visual cues to block scenes, rehearse, revise, present, reflect, and assess themselves and their peers. The focus is on creativity, imagination, critical thought, and collaborative spirit. Subjects: English Language Arts, Arts (Drama, Dance, Music, Visual), Applied Design (Media), and Social Studies. Primary, Intermediate and Senior.

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