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The Ta Daa Lady

Discipline: Dance, Interdisciplinary, Storytelling, Theatre
Homebase: Greater Vancouver
Languages: English, French
Contact Me: (604) 649-1979 , Email , Web

Angela is well known as The Ta Daa Lady. Her stage show includes storytelling, puppetry, song, dance, mine and clown. She is also a performer with West Coast Chamber Music (available for touring through ArtStarts). Angela teaches many art forms and enjoys the opportunity to combine various art forms. For example, she may build a play based on a legend with the class and incorporate prop building as well. She holds degrees in dance, theatre, directing and visual art. She is known for her Nylon Zoo, inflatable sculptures for storytelling inside and a wide selection of costumes, animals and plants, for parades and dances. Ta Daa tours all over B.C., mostly to festivals, however she is interested in using the zoo in schools as well. Angela is a historical dancer and an expert in Commedia dell?Arte with Historical Performance Ensemble. Angela has written, directed and performed in street scenes and stage shows for B.C. historical parks. She teaches puppetry, improve, dance, storytelling and visual art. She has taught Master classes at Capilano University, Gateway Theatre, Okanagan School of the Arts for all ages and she has taught with Learning Through The Arts for 4 years.


My Grade 1/2 class had the pleasure of working with The Ta Daa Lady! I was very impressed with how attentive she was with my class. Angela was able to adjust the stimulation and energy as needed to keep all 23 of my students engaged and having fun, while building their self-confidence, imagination and problem-solving skills. She has a wonderful way of communicating with children through puppetry. Angela clearly loves what she does and I would have her back in my classroom anytime! Georgia Goundouvas, Grade 1/2 Teacher, Tecumeh Annex, Vancouver
Angela Brown is a multi-discipline artist who has been an Artist in Residence with the Vancouver School District for the past 4 years. Angela was one of our most versatile creative artists, with incredible creative skills in dance, drama, and visual arts. She has an amazing ability to intertwine and integrate all of her skills with her creative process in various productions. Angela has extensive public performance experience as well as experience in classroom educational residencies. Her workshops are always well received by the public, teachers and students. Not only does she provide worthwhile experiences for students teaching them about the principals of art, drama and, dance but she always tailors her workshops to make them relevant to her young learners and their lives. Angela's students are also impressed by her character the "TA DAA LADY" and her many other performance pieces. The Vancouver School Board, Artist in Residence Program (AIR) was a grant based program bringing artists of various artistic disciplines into classrooms. Selected artists then worked with the teacher and a class of students over 5 sessions, bringing a creative learning experience to them. The AIR program was dissolved at the end of the 2016-2017 school year after running for 20 years. I highly recommend Angela for any art initiative that involves young people. She has so much to offer and I know she will provide creative, inspiring, and memory making artistic workshops. Carolyn Sullivan, Coordinator, Artist in Residence Program, VSB
I have known Angela professionally for 18 years, both as an artistic colleague/performer and as an artist-educator as she worked with Learning Through the Arts when I was the Regional Manager for BC's programs. Angela is gifted in many ways and expresses herself delightfully using many art forms. She is a visual artist, dancer, writer, storyteller, actor, singer/songwriter and puppeteer. It is rare to find an artist who is so dynamically successful in such diverse artistic languages. She understands the BC curriculum and her programs facilitate the retention of knowledge by bringing aspects of curriculum to life for kinesthetic, visual, linguistic and auditory learners. Her lesson plans feature collaborative and individual elements and are highly engaging and motivational. She also communicates clearly and well in advance with teacher partners, is punctual and well prepared. Lori Sherritt-Fleming, Producer and Author

Project Examples

Build a Puppet

We begin by making simple sock puppets from old socks the students bring to school. We add wool, buttons for eyes or whatever we want to give each puppet their own character. As we build the puppet, we discuss the puppet's biography, for example their name, where they live, their hobbies, etc. Then they get a chance to make their puppet come alive one at a time or in pairs or small groups. By activating their puppets they learn skills to communicate more effectively with each other and accept each other's differences. Suitable for Kindergarten to Grade 4.

Nylon Zoo

The students get to experience what it's like to be inside an inflatable salmon or dinosaur. They create a story or adapt a legend that is inspired by the inflatable. Through the forming of this work, they learn simple skills based on a variety of theatrical techniques such as: voice, physical expression, dance, mine, acting and improvisation. The school (or classes) can choose one of 7 inflatables at Angela's disposal and they would also have use of her wide selection of costumes she uses for her parades and dances. This can be a day or two of workshops or a few weeks of classes and workshops combined. At the end, the students get to perform a spectacular envy to the rest of the school.

Stories From Around The World

We will create a performance piece based on legends from around the world. We find ways to bring the legend alive with movement and narration. We incorporate simple masks and props. The class/workshop builds confidence, a sense of cooperation, communication, enhances creativity and self expression and improve fine and gross motor skills and writing ability.

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