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The Cinematheque

Discipline: Film / Video, Storytelling, Visual Arts
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English
Contact Me: (604) 688-8202 , Email , Web

The Cinematheque is a cultural institution that excites and educates our community about the art, impact, and legacy of cinema and screen-based media. Originally founded in 1972, for over 20 years The Cinematheque has traveled within the Lower Mainland and across the province of BC to bring film and media education to countless schools. Our award-winning digital filmmaking programs have engaged elementary and secondary school students - and their teachers - in learning how to create engaging, reflective, and high quality videos. We believe in participatory education, and we always put the students' passions and needs at the heart of our work. We value cinema as a communal and transformative art form. We strive to reach, inspire, and educate new audiences. We are passionate about working in schools, because we believe in providing children and youth with visual tools to understand and create moving images, and thus to be an active and critical part of our visual society. Crafting a short film is an exciting exercise in teamwork, creative collaboration and communication: an exercise that enriches the children and youth's life skills. Every year, we reach an average of 3,000 children and youth, and more than 100 educators.


The Cinematheque didn't shy away from the challenge. They embraced it. And because of that, so did the youth. A highly refined resource I wouldn't hesitate to access again. Kerrie Watt, Prevention Consultant, Vancouver Coastal Health
I have nothing but the highest praise for The Cinematheque's Education Department workshops. They have been a massive success with our students, and an inspiration for our teachers. English Teacher, Point Grey Secondary

Project Examples


From local portraits of homelessness to explorations of global environmental issues, documentaries share compelling stories, raise awareness and stir us to action. Frequently, our most challenging and rewarding programs are in documentary film production, where new filmmakers start with a raw concept and end with a short film they can be proud of. If your class or school would like to create a documentary about an issue or your own initiative, feel free to get in touch! Let us custom-design a program and show you how.


Crafting a short film is an exciting exercise in teamwork, creative collaboration and communication. Ideas are honed into a clear message and a story, nurtured into a script, translated into storyboards, and then brought to life in images and sounds captured on video to be edited and sound designed into a cohesive and compelling story you and your students can be proud of. All of our video production programs are custom-designed; for an amazing experience in storytelling and team-building, contact us to see how we can support you and your project.

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