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Silk Road Music

Discipline: Music
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English, French, Mandarin

A Canadian award winning ensemble who introduces audiences to different cultures through their experience and discoveries, . Qiu Xia He(Chu Sha Her) from Shaanxi China on Pipa, vocal and dance, accompanied by multi-instrumentalist André Thibault from Montréal Canada. With virtuosity and imagination, Silk Road Duo unites East to West and offers a unique fusion program evoking cultural exchanges. Silk Road's performance features traditional instrumental pieces, originals and folk songs, arranged for cross-cultural instrumentation duets. All the presentations can be done in English, French and Mandarin Chinese. Audiences have found the result is a breathtaking work of beauty, virtuosity, and innovation.


You get music that sets your soul on fire and in an hour, keeps you coming back for more. Craline

Performances & Workshops

Silk Road Duo

Grade Suitability: K - 12
Duration: 50 mins.
Capacity: 400 students
Tech Requirements: Electrical outlet, 3 armless chairs
Fee Range: $545 - $845 (Includes ArtStarts' fee. Additional fees apply for remote districts.)

Lower Mainland
Fraser Valley & Howe Sound
Vancouver Island Lower
Vancouver Island Mid
Vancouver Island North

It is very unique artistically combining world cultures with Asian and French performers. It reflects the school population and is a positive roll model for all Canadians. This service rewards both the artists and the community, increases knowledge, appreciation and awareness of the world music culture. Their special focus is acoustic fusion music. This music is many years of study and touring around the globe. From North America to South Africa, Europe to Asia, the world folk tradition with instruments, songs, dances inspires the Duo to be artists of today. Presenting this experience and discovery will open a wonderful window for audiences to connect to the world. Its vivid live performances on over 25 instruments, expressing countless musical styles, evoking the realization of old becoming the modern and the curious becomes familiar.

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