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Discipline: Music
Homebase: Victoria, British Columbia
Regions Available: Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley &, Howe Sound, Vancouver Island Lower, Vancouver Island Mid, Vancouver Island North, Virtual
Languages: English
Themes: First Nations, Inuit, and/or Metis Art, Mental Health, Anti-Bullying

Born on Lekwungan and Esquimalt territories, raised in the city of Victoria and on the Australian East Coast, this 2Spirit artist of the Stó꞉lō nation has soaked in Vancouver Island’s energy his entire life with flavours notes of Aussie seasoning and mindful vitality. A graduate of the University of Victoria’s renowned music and computer science combined bachelor’s program, synth-savvy multi-instrumentalist Matthew Haussmann (ORAVIᗺE) found passion through beatboxing and singing, discovering the powers of the voice. He now instructs beatbox and didgeridoo workshops + lessons and organizes gatherings for the growing Vancouver Island beatbox community, hosting jams and spreading the epic and rapidly developing artform of beatbox in joyous rapture everyday! Be prepared to get up, get down, and get wild on an organic sound making discovery adventure!


Beatboxing Fun-da-mentals!

School Year: 23-24
Discipline: Music
Offered Languages: English
Grade Suitability: 3 - 12
Duration: 60-120 minutes
Capacity: 28
Tech Requirements: 1 table, AC outlet, 1 chair, video screen/projector with an HDMI input (can be on an AV cart) and screen. 20 minutes setup time per workshop location
Available Formats: In Person, Virtual

Lower Mainland
Fraser Valley & Howe Sound
Vancouver Island Lower
Vancouver Island Mid
Vancouver Island North

An introduction for participants to the “fun-da-mentals” of beatboxing and vocal jamming, exposing them to a fun, expressive art form and a social activity that can be taken anywhere to do among friends! The workshop duration and number of sessions can be arranged with the artist to best suit your school and classes. Matthew supplies a sound system and loopstation to demonstrate the possibilities of beatboxing augmented with music technology. Much of the workshop shall be done in a circle. After beatboxing demonstrations, the class is led through a progressive series of beatboxing exercises that anyone can do for confidence building. “Boots and cats'' and call-and-response are only the beginning of what’s possible! Bass sounds, singing, and instrument imitation and sound FX are introduced and encouraged. Optional video and visual presentation materials are shown that demonstrate cultural aspects of beatboxing including performances, circle jams, and beatbox battles, with a spotlight on women and young beatboxers. No sounds are off limits in beatboxing during the structure jams toward the workshop’s end, and expressive silliness is encouraged and monitored. Self-acceptance and teamwork with encouragement to come out of the shell are woven with wisdom throughout. Everyone is given the opportunity to go on the microphone. Printed take-home materials are handed out: A list of sounds that can be learned, links to approved resources, videos, and tutorials.

Testimonials & Reviews

“Matthew breaks down the art and history of beatboxing in an organized and energetic way that is fun and inclusive. His workshops have a lot to offer for everyone from young kids who just want to have fun and make noise, all the way up to professional musicians and anyone in between.” Kyle Windjack, professional musician, producer, and educator
“Matt has an enthusiasm for beatboxing which I have yet to encounter until today. His workshop was eye opening to the world of beatboxing. As a facilitator, Matt did a great job of encouraging me to feel like this is a skill I can learn.” Foster, Workshop participant
“Matthew brings all the flavours of sound into a fun and creative workshop. He is engaging with everyone in the class and gives everyone an opportunity to shine. “ Larissa, Workshop participant

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