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Matthew Hodgins

Discipline: Music
Homebase: Metchosin
Languages: English
Contact Me: Web

Matthew Hodgins is a Canadian percussionist and music producer with classroom experience, who for 16 years has taught and performed extensively in England and British Columbia. Both in practice and in research, Matthew has developed truly thrilling workshops which will blend music, voices, numeracy, physical skills, invention and expression, which also include his valuable set of drums. This service delivers immaculate djembe drums to the hands of your students and then teaches groove-techniques which culminate with performances. Matthew unifies the hearts and minds of children with his inspiring teaching and rapid results. In addition to being listed in the ArtStarts Artists in the Classroom Directory he was selected in 2014 for the Vancouver School Board Artist in Residence Program. Equally available to Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland.


Matthew has the incredible ability to get students learning to the point where they can perform after a few sessions... And the students responded very well to the experience. Carolyn Sullivan, Vancouver School Board Artist in Residence
Matthew took great care in planning the lessons, scouting the space and ensuring that every detail was attended to prior to the lesson date. R. Gowdy, Tilicum Annex
I was impressed by his passion and enthusiasm for his discipline, skill at leading the group and informative instruction that included historical and cultural references for the instruments and rhythms. A. Andersen, Queen Margaret School

Project Examples

Core Group Drumming Residency (CGR)

The Core Group Drumming Residency (CGR) is the reiterative opportunity for students to create, perform and make deeper discoveries about themselves and their environment. "In-classroom instructional residencies increase their impact when teaching artists work with core groups" (Silverstein, 2004). CGR offers an enhanced series of drumming sessions for one class; and this option will give students regular access to a very valuable and musical set of drums! CGR delivers a profound drumming experience! As children return to their drums and their rehearsal setting, they will: gain more confidence; retain more music; and reach a further point of skill progression. From years of development, Matthew has crafted a succession of specialist percussion music lessons designed for BC school classes. He will work collaboratively and collegially with classroom teachers. He invites feedback and will adjust plans based on comment or constraint.

Music Technology Workshops (MTW)

The Music Technology Workshop (MTW) is an introduction to electronic digital music, designed for students who want to know more about recording and mixing songs, music for games and film, online outlets for releasing material and more! MTW can be delivered in several forms based upon a school's curriculum or focus. The school organizer can discuss their objectives with Matthew, or they may submit the simple questionnaire by email. By default, MTW teaches digital programming (which could be easier than you may think) and the workshop will constantly draw upon its participants. Matthew comes equipped with quick set up professional resources which can stand alone or can be teamed with a school's system. MTW is quickly calibrated to all ages and abilities, and its purpose is to guide the next generation of music thinkers and composers through the array of 21st century music facilities.

Whole School Drumming Event (WSE)

The Whole School Drumming Event (WSE) is an enriched opportunity for students to create, communicate, perform and respond to musical art. WSE will deliver a properly sized djembe drum to every classroom student and teach basic drumming skills within percussive routines. The sessions culminate with a range of in-class performances. Beautifully layered rhythms are quickly orchestrated to age and ability by a PGCE qualified instructor. Schools also receive: start to finish planning and enough drums for any school, anywhere! Mr Hodgins works for 70 minutes with one class. That class and instructor then immediately present their work to the school during an assembly. After this compelling performance, Matthew explains to the whole school audience that they will also have the opportunity to learn drums in school. A grand applause ensues! Then, from first lesson to end of day (or as adapted by school) each class attends an accredited classroom drumming lesson, and because students witnessed the performance they are now ready to try and to learn.

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