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Karen June Myskiw

Discipline: Film / Video, Visual Arts, Writing
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English
Contact Me: (778) 888-0335 , Email , Web

Karen is an international award-winning enthusiastic creative who practices as an artist, designer and educator. From working as a project manager to being an artist in residence, she explores art as a means to empower others. She has created gardens with schools and is interested in recalled and outdoor art works. Her artistic practice includes watercolour, acrylics, mixed media and photography. Karen's local and international travel photography documents genus loci of landscape and memory. As a member of Artist Rendering Tales Collective Inc, her practice finds expression in working collaboratively on community based public arts projects.


Karen has come into the classroom with professionalism, leadership and artistic skills that have helped me continue to develop my own teaching practice. Her flexibility, positive attitude and willingness to try a variety of ideas has been essential to our strong partnership. Right from the start of our work together, it was clear that Karen was willing to commit to building meaningful and genuine connections will all my students... and to help them develop their own artistic voice. We both believe in the power of learning through the arts while using an inquiry-based learning model, this has been the focus of our film and digital photography project. Dorelle Jackson, Art Teacher, Photo 11, Cariboo Hill Secondary

Project Examples

Cartooning and the Graphic Novel

Using a combination of puppetry, storyboard layout, painting and drawing, figure proportions and writing, Karen has designed and taught Cartooning and the Graphic Novel as a three-week intensive over the Summer to Intermediate students. This course easily lends itself to a weekly exploration within the classroom.

In the Photo Zone

Students will use drama and photography to creatively express their values in a series of innovative photostories. The work will develop their compositional skills by focussing on the element of the photographic key or register. By learning to manipulate the relationship between highlights, shadows, midtones, whites and blacks (a simplified zone system), students will establish a sound basis for composition and developing quality monotone prints from B&W negatives. Students will develop their artistic style by creating photostories, that articulate relationships, moods and emotions in contemporary and classic literature and song.

Manga Mania and The Graphic Novel

As young artists and designers, how can we portray characters who posses emotion visually? As story writers, how can be portray the thoughts and ideas of our characters through, short, concise language? In this project our objective is to illustrate the elements and principles of design and develop skill in the portrayal of emotions.

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