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Julian Lawrence

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English, French
Contact Me: Email , Web

Julian burst onto the international art scene (at age 2) during a transatlantic flight with his debut piece, Scribble, rendered in Bic pen on airplane interior. Growing up an isolated English kid in separatist Quebec, he quickly discovered the world of comics and even taught himself to speak French through reading Tintin, Asterix and Lucky Luke. These formative years were indeed quite formative in that he has dedicated his life to learning about comics, making comics, reading comics and teaching comics. Julian has been drawing cartoons professionally for 20 years and is a Masters candidate in Art Education at the University of British Columbia, specializing in comic books. Working in partnership with classroom teachers, Julian creates lesson plans that incorporate comic books and curriculum. When he's not making or teaching or sharing his love of comics, Julian enjoys baking cookies.


He has a strong aptitude for creative lesson planning and has demonstrated positive and supportive interactions with both parents and students. At the forefront of everything that Julian does is a solid understanding of the importance that the role of the arts plays in the life of the child.

Project Examples

Novel Study

Students create a collaborative graphic novel adaptation of a story they are studying in class.

Secret Identities

Students create an original 6-panel page of cartoon art that features original characters and and narratives. Completed comics will be compiled into a book and photocopied, with each student receiving a copy of everyone's art.

Welcome to Our World

Students create an original six-panel page of cartoon art describing themselves, their family and their culture. Completed comics will be photocopied, coloured and displayed as posters in the classroom or school hallway.

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