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Julia Carr

Discipline: Dance
Homebase: Salt Spring Island
Languages: English, French
Contact Me: (604) 879-4103 , Email

Julia is a Vancouver-based dancer, choreographer and educator. She has successfully facilitated dance projects with Elementary and Secondary school classrooms, a Parkinsons support group and the Kensington Community Centre. Julia co-directs Body Narratives Collective and works as Assistant Artistic Director for Dancestreams Youth Dance Company. She dances with Aeriosa, Raven Spirit Dance, V'ni Dansi and various independent choreographers. As a former Vancouver Aquarium interpreter, Julia can make both art and science topics accessible. Julia's enthusiasm and passion for dance motivates and engages all ages to participate and receive their own health and wellbeing benefits from dancing.


Julia developed a program that was practical and suited my requirements for the subsequent project. She kept the material fresh and intriguing for the students. Her classes were interesting, entertaining and challenging enough to engage the entire class. Unanimously the class, including students enrolled in regular extracurricular dance class, the shy and self-conscious as well as the high performance athletes, felt they had fun and learned something new. Lisa Nordman, Grade 6/7 Teacher, Kerrisdale Elementary
She faced the challenge of speaking a different language and cultural differences with ease. She was able to make them feel comfortable and safe in their environment. She was able to modify her classes easily to adjust to different age groups. Mary Fletcher, Assistant Director, Intrax English Institute Summer Camps

Project Examples

A Customized Thank You! Performance Piece

Do you have an assembly or event coming up? Is there a person or group that your classroom would like to thank? After leading physical and creative warm-ups, Julia will work collaboratively with your students to create a short and unique Thank You Performance piece. Depending on time, interests and resources, the piece might include costumes and/or props crafted by students, and feature original student poetry/song(s). A finished Thank You piece should take less than 3 minutes to perform, and can be presented whenever students want to cooperatively express their gratitude.

Creating Relaxation and Focus in the Classroom through Dance

Dance is not only fun, it also builds trust and confidence. Dance is cooperative, but also allows for individual expression. It can be both planned and spontaneous. Work with Julia to assess the potential of kinetic flow within your classroom, and to discover the positive effects of including some dance into your classroom routines and rituals.

Dancing Curriculum Subjects

Discover how to use dance to investigate subjects such as anatomy, physics, biology and languages. Dance can make learning any subject fun for students. Julia will consult with teachers to target specific learning requirements, then lead students through a series of participatory exercises and improvisational scores to achieve those educational objectives.

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