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Jesse van Muijlwijk

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Courtenay
Languages: English, French, German, Dutch
Contact Me: (250) 338-1989 , Email , Web

Jesse is a professional cartoonist who makes a daily comic strip for Dutch newspapers, reaching four million readers. He went to art school in the Netherlands. Jesse is co-author of a bestselling course book on comic strip and cartoon drawing. He published more than 20 books of his newspaper comic strip. Jesse has 25 years of workshop experience in both the Netherlands and Canada. Students can let their imagination flow and tell any story in comic strips. As making comic strips is about writing and drawing, both language and visual art skills can be developed in the workshop.


This was a terrific project for our school to be involved with. It was successful in having students combine listening, re-telling, writing, summarizing and drawing all in one very enjoyable project. Mr. van Muijlwijk was excellent in working with and teaching the students about graphic novels and they all enjoyed their time with him. Ian Craigon, Principal, Huband Park Elementary

Project Examples

Comic Strip and Cartoon Drawing

Making comic strips and cartoons is fun and a great learning experience. Students will learn to draw faces with all kinds of expressions, and add texts to them in speech and thought balloons. They will draw different bodies with them and place them in various situations. Jesse stimulates the students by drawing many examples on the blackboard. In little exercises students can try for themselves and combine drawings with self-written texts. Visual art and literature skills will be developed simultaneously. Making a real comic strip with several sequential pictures will be the result students can proudly take home.

Portraits of Stories

For this workshop the students interview a family member (ideally an elder) and turn a piece of family history into a visual story. In the classroom Jesse helps the students turning their story into a concise text, setting up a storyboard and making the drawings. He explains about drawing portraits, drawing all kinds of items, and perspective drawing, with examples on the blackboard and little exercises which are fun to do.

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