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Jess Dance

Discipline: Dance
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English, French

Jess Dance is a group of passionate dance educators experienced in empowering Kindergarten to Grade 12 students. We are committed to working in all schools regardless of financial ability (just ask) and reaching the most remote communities. We provide a safe space to have fun, try your best, & be who you truly are all while building confidence, self expression, & connection. Jess Dexter, the Creative Director, has taught for 22 years and holds a B.Sc degree in Kinesiology with a secondary physical education focus.


"Jess Dexter and her team of energetic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable dance instructors have engaged my students for almost 10 years! Students have had the opportunity to choose various genre's of dance, and Jess's team never fail to impress. Students demonstrate pride in their efforts as they work towards the creation of a performance at the end of each session. What a joy!"
"Jess has been coming to teach dance at Magee Secondary sine 1998! She is organized, flexible and always tries to accommodate our students and teachers. Jess and her instructors all have amazing energy, communication, are versatile, professional, and are passionate about teaching! We usually have Jess come in for a class dance session and later in the week for a choreography session. The students always look forward to the dance unit. I highly recommend having Jess work with your students."
"Adding Jess Dance to our PHE program was a great decision. Jess is passionate about dance and she cares about her students. Her teaching style and her rapport with the learners are great. She gets even the shyest, most self-conscious students moving and improving."

Performances & Workshops

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Jess Dance

Grade Suitability: K -12
Duration: 35-55 minutes depending on age and school size
Capacity: 600+ students
Tech Requirements: Sound system details including auxiliary cord and set-up for wireless microphone to be worked out prior to worksop. Jess will provide the wireless microphone and has access to a small speaker if none is available.
Fee Range: $645-$905 (Includes ArtStarts' fee. Additional fees apply for remote districts.)

Lower Mainland
Fraser Valley & Howe Sound
Vancouver Island Lower
Vancouver Island Mid
Vancouver Island North

Dance workshops or week-long programs for Strong Start, and Kindergarten to Grade 12. Rate: Regional base rate includes 100 students. Add $1/student/day above 100 students. For a culminating Student Performance, choose at least 4 lessons/student. Lesson Length; up to 8 30-minute or 7 35-45 minute workshops/day (elementary.) For very small schools, longer sessions are an option! Up to 5 60-minute or 4 75-minute workshops/day (secondary.) Small Schools of 90 students or less choose; A.) One lesson/student/day B.) 2 lessons/student/day (each student receives 1 lesson in morning, 1 in afternoon. (Add $100/day.) C.) Half day program base rate $400. (Available if another school within 30 minutes drive chooses the same;) Instructor travels to two schools in one day. Our rates include flights/accommodation. If you are providing either, call us for discounts. Remote schools; call for travel rate, which will be shared amongst other schools.

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