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Grupo América

Discipline: Dance
Homebase: Coquitlam
Languages: English, Spanish, French

Grupo América exploded onto the Canadian arts scene 21 years ago. This Vancouver-based dance troupe has been dazzling international audiences with their spectacular Latin Dance show, we have NEW routines from Panama, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Dominican Republic! Grupo América pushes stylistic boundaries by presenting a potpourri of dances, combining "sizzling" modern routines with beautiful traditional numbers. Their multitude of striking costumes sets them apart from any dance company you have ever seen, and you will be treated to a visual explosion of colour and glamour!


Best show that has come to my school in 10 years, the teachers liked it and the children loved it, always hard to please both crowds but this show did both. Renee Shaw, Principal, John Henderson Elementary
We had the very great pleasure of presenting Grupo America in March 2010. The show is professional, energetic, colourful and highly recommended. Lake District Arts Council
An inspiring and informative performance for adults and teens. Tom Atkinson, Surrey Learning Centre

Performances & Workshops

Las Americas

Grade Suitability: K - 12
Duration: 60 mins.
Capacity: 600+ students
Tech Requirements: electrical outlets, small table or desk, change area near by, roll away white board
Fee Range: $935-$1145 (Includes ArtStarts' fee. Additional fees apply for remote districts.)

Showcasing dances from the Americas. This program shows the 3 main influences in dances from the Americas; Spanish, Native & African. Showing dances from pre-Colombian era to present day. A brief explanation of each dance is given, to highlight what each dance means and its history. At the end a short dance competition is included. Dances included in this program come from; Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Dominican Republic and Cuba. Other dances from countries such as Peru, Panama, Puerto Rico, Chile, Argentina and El Salvador can also be used.

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