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Ginalina - Singer Songwriter & Author

Discipline: Interdisciplinary
Homebase: Vancouver
Regions Available: Lower Mainland, Virtual
Languages: English, French, Mandarin
Themes: Mental Health, Anti-Bullying, Climate Change and/or Environmentalism
Grant Eligibility: Eligible for 70% AIE

Ginalina is a 3X Juno nominated Singer-Songwriter and National Book Tour Author who creates a thoughtful world of folk music and beautiful children's books that celebrate family, nature, environmental stewardship, community, and the connections we share between them. Her performances and workshops are warm and winsome, engaging and energizing, relatable and refreshing. Recommended by principals, teachers, librarians, international festival planners, the Canadian Children's Book Centre, and CBC, Ginalina is a genuine Canadian treasure on the family and children's scene. She is also a former Industrial Engineer, parent, and mentor for emerging and under-represented artists. Residencies or Workshops: Ginalina dives into the minds and hearts of teachers and students to bring out curiousity, compassion, and enthusiasm for themes that this world needs more than ever. Two options available - one is focused on West Coast biodiversity and environmental stewardship, and the other is focused on exploring folk songs and stories from the Far East with an invitation for all children to remember and celebrate their own cultures, heritages, and roots. Performances: Ginalina provides an essential sing-, dance-, and learn- along experience for all K-G3 groups. "Small But Mighty" is a 45 minute concert in English, with inclusion of French and Mandarin, that celebrates nature, kindness, and the strength, kindness, and potential of young people today.

Inspired programs available include: Small But Mighty Concert (K-G3), The Wild and Wonderful West Coast Workshop/Residency (K-G4), Forgotten and Remembered: Folk Songs + Stories From the Far East Workshop/Residency (K-G4) Programs are always adapted for level appropriateness and have been created to complement/support the BC Educational Curriculum. Programs include resources to: music/videos/books/lessonguide/activitysheets. Virtual Programs welcome as possible. #westcoast #multidisciplinary #folkmusic #singersongwriter #storyteller #author #movement #artmural #biodiversity #ecodiversity #environmentalstewardship #habitats #culturalconnections #culturalheritage #creativeprocess #ukulele #trilingual #junonominated #canadianbooktourauthor #canadianchildrensbookcentrerecommended

Classroom Residency(ies)

Contact Me: Email, Web

Wild and Wonderful West Coast - Biodiversity and Environmental Stewardship

School Year: 23-24

Let's learn about biodiversity, let's connect with nature, let's help climate change. 3x Juno-nomianted Ginalina (and author of the Canadian Geographic recommended nature trilogy: The Mighty River, The Lively Forest, and The Blooming Mountain) is inviting students to take part in a journey to explore biodiversity - what is it, where is it, why is it important, how can we support it! Residencies can vary and can include: songwriting, music video creation, and student-lead live concerts ... all in the support of nature, the environment, and climate change. All classes will be given lesson handouts, video link, book, posters, and drawing activities to enrich learning. Braille book also available for display. Curriculum may include: K/1/2 - nature, habitat, life cycle, and community concepts through interactive songs, movement storytelling, nature games, imagination-based drama, puppets 2/3/4 - land connectedness, biodiversity, environmental concerns/stewardship concepts through songs/ukulele, storytelling, deep questions, nature art Project is a class decision and may include: composing a nature song about the life cycle of an animal, creating a wall mural featuring environmental stewardship ideas * Short residencies in the form of author workshops and sing/read along sessions also available.

Testimonials & Reviews

Ginalina is a passionate, inclusive, and talented performer with messages that bring out the best in everybody. A true highlight to our community! - K. Levelton, Principal, Conrad Elementary, Prince Rupert
Ginalina went to touching lengths to create an engaging and delightful concert to uplift any spirit. Guitar, ukulele, story, and accordion made this show richly musical in her signature down-to-earth style! Also such a treat to present Mandarin and French songs for our audience. - Whistler International Children's Festival
Ginalina is incredibly talented, kind and generous. To top it off, she has a wonderful connection to our land and is able to bring that connection to the children, too. I also appreciate that Ginalina connects the content of her songs and stories to our curriculum. Not only are students having fun with the music and workshop, but they are also learning about our place, how they can notice and recognize more about where they live, and also how they can be stewards of our land. - K/1 Teacher, Blaire Elementary School, Richmond

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