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Daniel Duggan - Rhythm Resource

Discipline: Music
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English
Contact Me: (604) 862-3740 , Email , Web

Daniel Duggan from Rhythm Resource is the Official Guinness World Records holder for the title of "Largest Djembe Drumming Ensemble". A NEW world record set in June 2016, when he collaborated with multiple elementary schools, training 100's of students to play African drums to set this record together. Coming from Scotland, at age 12, he started drumming in the Scottish pipe bands, by age 14 he was playing drums in professional bands in various local performance venues. Inspired by great Jazz drummers who regularly performed in Edinburgh, he studied music in Perth, Scotland, specializing in Drum Kit, Samba Drumming and Afro-Cuban hand drums, under Master percussionist Ronnie Goodman. Then in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, studying Drum Kit and World Percussion under Roger Hempsall graduating with a BMus Hons Degree in Jazz music. At this time, Daniel also studied with master facilitator, Arthur Hull, from Remo Percussion. Following graduation, he became a successful session musician; recording albums in studios, appearing on TV, touring with many bands, theatre shows, solo artists and many Jazz musicians. With a passion for percussion and a gift for performance and educating young people, he started a UK company called Infectious Grooves in 2000. Since that time Infectious Grooves has delivered many performances, facilitated 1000's of successful workshops and trained 100's of teachers, appeared on TV and Radio shows. Daniel is now resident in BC and brings his passion for percussion to Canada and his desire to inspire people here to "Release their Rhythm!"


I would like to write a letter of recommendation for Daniel Duggan of Rhythm Resource. Daniel worked with all my music classes last February and March, leading up to our Multicultural Celebration. He has also held evening sessions at the school, and is currently teaching an after school class for both students and their parents through our Community Services programme. Daniel is a consummate musician, but above that he is an excellent educator. I have taught music for 38 years and have seen many clinicians over the years. Daniel stands out as exceptional. He has a great sense of fun but keeps the students engaged and listening. He is able to get even the shyest to respond with joy. His lessons include many facets of the music curriculum. Each lesson is tailored well to the age group that he works with. By the end of our sessions together, the students were able to put on an amazing demonstration of all they had learned at an assembly. The students loved their time with Daniel and we hope to have him return soon. Daniel has that rare gift of excellent musicianship combined with classroom management and teaching skills. I recommend him without reservation. Barbara Paul, Music Teacher, Lord Kelvin Elementary, New Westminster
I have the pleasure of writing this recommendation for Daniel from Rhythm Resource. I teach Grade 5/6 at Bayview Elementary and have been teaching with the Vancouver School Board for 22 years. Daniel came to Bayview last year and taught a series of lessons to all our intermediate classes over a four week period which culminated into a school wide performance and a parent drop-in session. His 1 hour workshops were engaging, educational & fun! He is a talented teacher who adapted and modified lessons to fit the needs and interests of all students while sticking to our learning objectives. In addition to being a talented musician, Daniel also has excellent classroom management skills. I was always impressed with how well he was able to keep a room full of students aged 9-13 with drums on their Xinger tips interested and motivated. I personally watched how well he did with classroom management because I observed him teaching not just my class but other classes as well. He keeps the students engaged with a positive and fun yet clear and Xirm tone. His expectations are clear and because of it, students learned an incredible amount about drumming, musicality, and the history & culture of drumming. The assembly showcasing all the classes' learning was amazing. Daniel led the entire assembly in a professional and organized way. Everyone commented on how much our intermediates had learned and how well they played the drums in front of the entire school. The parent drop-in session afterwards was well attended. Parents commented on how much they loved experiencing what their children had experienced over the previous weeks. I highly recommend Daniel and his Rhythm Resource Program. Ebru Montagano, Bayview Elementary, Vancouver
Through his company Rhythm Resource, Daniel has delivered workshops to a large variety of our students, in our afterschool programs at Community Schools Partnership within the Surrey School District. Through the Cajon workshop, our students have learned about different cultures through musical expression and improvisation. Daniel's workshops are hands on, innovative and strategic in that they teach children the art of music while also teaching them important life skills, such as listening, creativity, team building and social skills. Rhythm Resource offers our students a unique cross-cultural experience through the art of music. Daniel is an all around kind, enthusiastic instructor, who is passionate about engaging children in education through music. He is a pleasure to work with, and popular amongst all of our programs. Stephanie Velios, Facilitator, Community-Schools Partnership, Surrey

Project Examples

African Drumming for Excellence

Drumming is at the core of African culture and in this project pupils will learn how to play untuned African percussion, creating their own multiple rhythms in a physical fun way that enhances the memory retention and recall of educational information right across the curriculum. Using djembe drums, djun djun drums, bells and shakers to create syllabic rhythms and create rhythmically enhanced stories, this is an innovative time-tested creative project that engages students of all ages and abilities.

Afro-Peruvian Percussion Playshop

Pupils will learn how to play untuned Afro-Peruvian percussion, creating their own multiple rhythms in a physical fun way that enhances their creativity and confidence. Using cajon drums, bells, claves and shakers to create syllabic rhythms and create rhythmically enhanced stories, this is an innovative time-tested creative project that engages students of all ages and abilities. The cajon is a relatively unknown drum, often called a "drum kit in a box"; it originates from Peru and is steeped in a rich culture. Through this project, students actively engage in cultural history while learning new creative and musical skills on this versatile drum.

Beats from Brazil

The carnival atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro captured within the pulsating rhythms of Latin America. Secondary students learn how to play multiple untuned Latin American percussion instruments to create interweaving polyrhythms and play ensemble breaks and fills. Teachers learn how to facilitate a percussion workshop and lead a samba band. This project develops every participant's timing and ensemble skills. It reinforces musical concepts: ostinato, dynamics (cresendo, diminuendo), note value and time signatures. It reinforces musicianship: listening, playing together, ensemble etiquette. It reinforces orchestral skills: following the conductor, interlocking rhythmic phrases, greater awareness of sectional divisions and how they work together as a whole. Universal musical skills and concepts are caught and taught in a physical, fun and memorable way, with lasting impact and application in the future.

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