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Candice George in the Classroom

Discipline: Interdisciplinary
Homebase: Fraser Lake
Languages: English
Grant Eligibility: Eligible to apply for AIC

Candice George is of Stellat'en and Wetsuwet'en ancestry. She is Kilweneetz'en from the House of the Deneyaz, a sub crest within the Luksilyou, Caribou Clan. Her passion for performing arts, music, storytelling and traditions has been passed on from her grandparents and many knowledge holders. She has been a performing artist for 17 years, who has recently began to writes & composes music, she's a beginner basket-maker as well as an avid storyteller. Candice has a passion to implement cultural programs to enhance, engage student learners in experiential, hands-on, project-based lessons & 21st Century Learning. As well as sharing uplifting, positive, authentic cultural programs in a meaningful way.

Testimonials & Reviews

I have to say that you model the most wonderful mindset with your actions and words. It has been commented on by my staff. You are gracious and lovely and courageous and confident. I can only say that I hope that us working together gives me a little of your magic :-) Karin Paterson, Principal, Polaris Montessori Elementary, SD 57

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