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Amanda Wood

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English
Contact Me: Email , Web

Each residency is tailored to the needs of the classroom and the school community. Working with classroom teachers, Amanda will create a responsive experience that connects in multiple ways to the most current BC Ministry of Education curriculum. Amanda loves sharing multi-sensory material exploration with different kinds of learners to create trusting, inquiry-based learning experiences. She will always allow the natural discovery process to unfold, outside whenever possible. Students will learn to see themselves as creators of meaning and as artists. They will develop their own visual language that reflects their individual personalities, pushes their abilities and is influenced by their environment. Inclusivity is at the centre of each project and the needs of students with different learning styles and abilities will be honoured. Amanda's own art practice is concerned with unseen structures, patterns, and documentation as a way of starting conversations and witnessing interconnectedness. She is an experienced artist-in-residence and has participated in a number of grant-funded residencies. Amanda is excited by the many different ways that the process of creating can connect students to themselves, each other and their world.


Amanda was able to provide an environment for the children to take risks by setting up a safe learning space for them to explore and ask questions. Their curiosity and natural sense of wonder was honoured when Amanda asked the question, 'what do you wonder about?' She is able to bring relevant art experiences into the classroom, which benefits the learning styles of all children. Her projects are multi-sensory and experiential and connect children to the process of art. She is a professional who works well with others. She was able to hear my ideas as well as broaden my vision to see the opportunities for inquiry through purposeful play. Any child she works with will be engaged in a truly unique creative experience. Taz Ismail, Teacher, Tyee Elementary
Thank you so much for introducing our children to weaving and teaching them how to use a loom. Our son was absolutely enthralled by the experience. So much so that for his sixth birthday he only had one present request: a loom of his very own. Fortunately, we found a small, children's version of a loom at our local arts store. He is now busily working away on his first multi-coloured woven placemat. We know that this interest was 100% generated by your teaching and we are so grateful that you have been so generous and giving with your time and knowledge. Parent, Tyee Elementary
I had to overcome many challenges during my time in Amanda's lessons. Before I had worked with Amanda I was never very comfortable sharing my artistic creations. After these lessons, I had gained the required confidence to now share my artwork. I discovered that artwork can be quite peaceful and calming. I also think that you should never know what your artwork is going to be. Student, Tyee Elementary

Project Examples

Ideas Are All Around Us I

Over the course of five sessions, students will use sketchbook studies and non-permanent, time-based material studies to gain a greater understanding of themselves, their social groups, their values, strengths, and passions. We will use collections to identify experiences, interests, and objects that are personally meaningful. Mapping, categorizing and documenting these experiences will create opportunities for interconnectedness and idea generation. We will explore mark making, blind drawing, collaboration, intuitive drawing and other techniques as appropriate to develop a visual language. The work of contemporary artists who use collections will also be discussed. Suitable for grades 1-7.

Ideas Are All Around Us II

Continuing the work from part one, over the next five sessions students will be encouraged to develop their newly found visual language, using stitching and printing techniques as tools for mark making. We will work through the full creative process from concept to execution. The work will be highly individual and students will be encouraged to carefully consider how their concept and technique work together to communicate meaning. Discussion and feedback from peers, educators and Amanda will inform the work. Extensions of this project could include a community exhibition or learning fair or a written artist statement component. Suitable for grades 1-7.

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