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Bobby Bovenzi

Discipline: Dance, Interdisciplinary, Music, Theatre
Homebase: Summerland
Languages: English
Contact Me: (250) 494-1288 , Email , Web

Bobby Bovenzi is well known throughout the Kootenay and Thompson Okanagan regions of BC for providing high-energy interactive drum, dance and creative music programs for all ages and occasions. His MSEd background coupled with extensive study with master drum and dance instructors has provided an outstanding platform to bring rhythm, dance and creative songwriting into the classroom experience. For over a decade, Bobby's fulltime career has been providing assemblies, residencies, workshops and performances in Oregon, Washington, Japan and now in BC. His classroom management skills are revered by teachers and allow for efficient use of limited classroom time.


Bobby was very organized but also knew how and when to go with the flow of the group he was with. The all-school assembly at the end of the residency where each class performed (teachers, too) has been the highlight of our year. Bobby knows how to bring out the best in each student.
The 'A Story, A Story' play Bobby shared with our students was the highlight of our year! All the children were eager for Bobby's arrival each day and our staff commented that the buzz in the school was electrifying. The varied roles in the production gave the children opportunities to explore new skills and created a team work atmosphere that fostered new relationships. The families who attended the final performance were delighted with the outcome, and were treated to taking part in the closing interactive drum circle. Our staff, students and families are looking forward to working with Bobby again!

Project Examples

A Story, A Story: African Folktale

A Story, A Story is a play recreated from the book written and illustrated by Gail E Haley that retells the African tale of how, when there were no stories in the world for children to hear, the trickster Anansi obtained them from the Sky God. The residency will begin with workshops that allow the whole school the opportunity to enjoy drumming with Bobby. Over the course of the week, classes selected by the school will be engaged in a muscial/drama/dance/technology workshops to prepare for a wrap-up performance during school hours and as an evening fundraiser for families and the community to attend. Participants will form specific groupings in the play to highlight a unique approach to theatre production. These groups include an amplified narrator(s), silent stage actors, amplified voice over actors, sound effects technician, a multi-instrumental percussion troupe, a dance troupe and set/costume designers. There is also the opportuntiy to have a camera crew filming the class time and rehearsal, as well as the performance and follow up interview reflections from students, staff and families.

Nankama: Born to Drum Assembly

The Nankama Assembly ignites school spirit and gives the participants the opportunity to experience group music making on a new level! As a school, we'll begin clapping as one, in teams and individually to open the creative flow. We'll move on to activities set up in front of the audience to allow individuals and classes the opportunity to perform for their classmates. 40 drums, 70 boomwhakers and a whole lot of audience interactivity allows for variety within a fast moving highly engaging event. Discussion focuses on vocation as a musician/artist, how rhythm effects the brain and drum cultural awareness.

Nankama: Born to Drum Residency

We'll explore rhythm exercises that foster group unity and individual creativity. A session can consist of hand clapping polyrhythms, boomwhaker tube percussion song creation, body beats, African American step dance, African drum, dance and song, and drum games! Drum games include the Wave, Rollercoaster, Train Game, Little Pig Little Pig, Pass the Pulse, the Alphabet Zoo and more. Classes can also work on a performance piece during each session to present in an all school assembly. Session length is 45 minutes to 1 hour. The all-day residency can handle 5-6 classes, or one class that spends the day on all aspects above.

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